how to mine electroneum on mobile phone

How to Mine Electroneum on Mobile Phone

Learn how to mine Electroneum on mobile phone and digital devices with this step-by-step guide below.

Here’s a little introduction into Electroneum and what mining this cryptocurrency entails.

Please note that automatic mining of Electroneum (ETN) on mobile phones has ended as of May 2020 and all earnings of ETN is now task-based as originally planned by the developer. You can still earn ETN by performing tasks via the Electroneum app.

mine electroneum on mobile phone

Aside from the common features of cryptocurrencies which include being secure and private, Electroneum (ETN) prides itself as the first British-developed cryptocurrency which is designed for mass adoption. It endeavours to achieve this by providing an app-based mobile mining combined with wallet management, thus capitalising on the ubiquity of mobile phones found in nearly all layers of society today to bring this cryptocurrency to the masses.

The Electroneum team has also been active in promoting and developing Electroneum to position it as a strong cryptocurrency with the target to reach a user base of tens to hundreds of million people. This seems to be a likely possibility, considering how easy it is to download this app and start using it.

Furthermore, unlike bitcoin which requires huge amounts of capital and operating expenses to mine, Electroneum mining can be done free of any cost on your mobile phone. You only need to download the app, register an account and run it.

“What is also great about mining Electroneum on your mobile phone is that it consumes very little power and data, thus not getting in the way of your normal daily usage of your mobile phone. The app runs unobtrusively in the background. Mining Electroneum is still at its very early stages at this moment, and provides new users with the benefit of accumulating a cryptocurrency by multiple units of one, as opposed to the other cryptocurrencies that see daily mining earnings in many decimal places. For those who catch this hint early, they would quickly realise that the goal is to collect this cryptocurrency in terms of quantity regardless of its USD value for now, and let the value of such a cryptocurrency grow over time to realise its appreciation in the next few years.”


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“Mining Electroneum on mobile phone allows users to participate in a fast-growing cryptocurrency economy without the costs and hassles commonly associated with cryptocurrency mining…”

Today we will be exploring how you may begin mining Electroneum on your mobile phone. Setting up your mobile phone for mining Electroneum is rather straightforward, although there are some settings that you may need to be aware of.

ETN mining can also be done on a computer running a node, but for the purpose of this article, we will only be talking about how you can mine Electroneum on your mobile phone, for free!

Before we begin, kindly note the following pre-requisites and information:

  1. The Electroneum app for mobile mining is available for both Android smartphones and the iPhone, and can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store respectively.
  2. The app may only be downloaded and run on smartphones. Other hardware such as tablets and non-phone devices are not allowed to be used as a miner as stated in Electroneum’s terms and conditions.
  3. You will need a mobile phone with a working SIM card that can receive SMS as a code will be sent to your phone to activate your account.
  4. You will also need a valid email address to register your Electroneum account and wallet with.


Once you have all the above ready, we may begin. Note that the following procedure and screenshots are best viewed on the larger screen of your computer while you work it out on your smartphone:


electroneum app First things first, if you have not done so, download and install the latest version of Electroneum from Google Play on your Android smartphone or the App Store on your iPhone. There are many apps on Google Play that carry the name Electroneum or ETN. Ensure that you download the official version. The app should be issued by Electroneum Ltd as indicated below the app name. If you’re reading this on your smartphone, click on the button below to download the app directly:

mine etn

mine etn



After installing Electroneum

mobile mining A1. Launch the Electroneum app on your smartphone. Click on SIGN UP VIA THE WEBSITE at the bottom.


mine electroneum on mobile phone A2. On the next screen, fill up your email address and select a secure password for your Electroneum account.

Read the terms and conditions and tick to indicate your acceptance and agreement.

Tick on I’m not a robot, and click on Create account button at the bottom.


mine electroneum on mobile phone A3. The next screen indicates that your account has been successfully created.

Next, you will need to do a simple email verification:
→ Proceed to Step b1. to verify your email address and activate your account.



Verifying Your Email

cryptocurrency mining B1. Log into your email and click on the verification link.


This step may also be done on your computer if you wish:

mine electroneum on mobile phone


mine electroneum on mobile phone B2. Step 1 of 4: Email Activation
When this screen opens in your browser, click on the Confirm account button.


Screenshot for similar step on the computer browser:

mine electroneum on mobile phone


mine electroneum on mobile phone B3. Step 2 of 4: Mobile Number (2FA)
Next, select your country code and type in your mobile phone number.

Tick on I’m not a robot and click on Send SMS. A confirmation code will be sent to your smartphone via SMS.


Screenshot for similar step on the computer browser:

mine electroneum on mobile phone


mine electroneum on mobile phone B4. Key in the confirmation code sent by SMS and click on Submit confirmation code.

Note: Screenshots are not provided for the following steps:

B5. Step 3 of 4: PIN Recovery
Under PIN Recovery Email, key in a secondary email address different from the one set in Step a2. above.
Tick on I’m not a robot.
Type in your Electroneum password which was set in Step A2. above.
Click Continue to proceed.

B6. Step 4 of 4: PIN Setup
Set a 5-digit PIN for logging into your Electroneum account and complete this step. You can then exit the browser.
→ Proceed to Step C1. to log into your Electroneum account.



Logging into Electroneum for the First Time

cryptocurrency mining C1. Launch or return to the Electroneum app installed earlier, as done in Step A1.

Key in the email address and password set in Step a2. above.

Click on LOG IN.


mine electroneum on mobile phone C2. You are then requested to log back into your email to continue to the next step. Note that you may also do this on your computer. For simplicity, the following screenshots will show the steps done on the mobile phone.


mine electroneum on mobile phone C3. Look for a new email from Electroneum and click on the given link to authorise your smartphone.


mine electroneum on mobile phone C4. Tick on I’m not a robot.

Click on Authorise Device.


cryptocurrency mining C5. Once authorised, key in the 5-digit PIN which you had set in Step b6. above.

→ Proceed to Step D1. to start using the Electroneum app.



Mine Electroneum on Mobile Phone

mine electroneum on mobile phone D1. Upon logging in, you will see 4 tabs at the bottom row of the screen. Before doing anything else, click on the tab More at far right.

Click on Referral program at the top.

On the next screen, under Enter a referral code, click on ENTER A CODE and key in the code D66B5C.

Important: Using this code earns you an extra 1% bonus. This referral program is an integral part of the Electroneum app that will encourage more people to get onboard with ETN simulated mobile mining, thus putting ETN into the hands of more people around the world.


free cryptocurrency mining D2. Now for the most important part:

Click on the first tab Miner at far left. Click on the blue button that says START MINING to begin mining ETN on your mobile phone.


mine electroneum on mobile phone D3. Once the Miner has accumulated a certain quantity of ETN (this could vary from account to account), the ETN is then automatically transferred to your ETN Wallet. The Wallet is given in the second tab from left, the next item on our list.


mine electroneum on mobile phone D4. Click on the Wallet tab.

The Wallet is a fully functioning ETN wallet that allows you the user to send ETN to and receive ETN from anyone anywhere in the world.

The wallet also serves as a repository for all the ETN mined in Step D4. above.


mine electroneum on mobile phone D5. The third tab from the left is Value, and provides real-time data and information on Electroneum at a glance.

There is also a conversion calculator and a list of exchanges where ETN may be traded, and these may be selected at the options near the top.


mine electroneum on mobile phone D6. As an Electroneum user, you may also participate in ETN’s referral program. In Step D1. above, click on Referral program and on the next screen shown here, click on SHOW MY REFERRAL CODE / QR.


electroneum ETN QR code D7. Your referral code and QR code will be displayed. Send your referral code to your family members and friends who may be interested to start mining ETN. As a referrer, you will receive a 5% bonus.

You may also share this article with them to help them get started on installing and running the app.


N.B.: You may sometimes find the Electroneum app quitting unexpectedly, and you will need to relaunch the app and repeat this step. This has to do with Android’s Power Saver setting, which may be adjusted or switched off completely. To do this, you may go to your phone’s Settings > Device Maintenance > Power Saving Mode. Note that different phone models may display this differently.



Mine Electroneum on Your Mobile Phone Today

“Whatever Electroneum is worth today and in the future, as more miners come into the picture, the amount available to be mined will eventually get less over time, and it is important for those who are interested in ETN mining to get started as soon as possible.”

Electroneum was developed to be used in the mobile gaming industry and seems to show great potential to be extended into other markets in the future. With wallet management and coin mining bundled into a single app, it is touted as one of the more user-friendly cryptocurrencies around.

Bitcoin and Electroneum may be very different in features and real-world adoption, but with Bitcoin’s increasing mining difficulty and prices touching and exceeding US$10,000 these days, Electroneum offers newcomers into the cryptocurrency space a fresh opportunity and second chance to get started into a cryptocurrency still in its early stages today in 2018.

mining ETN on android

Out of the 21 billion ETN that will ever exist (versus 21 million for BTC), after deducting all the ETN sold during the ICO stage, ETN paid for bounty purposes, and ETN reserved for the Electroneum team members, a balance of 16.6 billion ETN remains for mining. While that may be a huge number, the number of ETN miners is also rapidly growing.

As we approach the end of Q2 in 2018, the total number of active miners has exceeded 160,000. This is quite fast considering that the mobile miner was launched only in Q1 of the same year.

Whatever Electroneum is worth today and in the future, as more miners come into the picture, the amount available to be mined will eventually get less over time, and it is important for those who are interested in ETN mining to get started as soon as possible.

Follow the procedure above and start accumulating your ETN today.

Good luck and have fun!

N.B. If you wish to invest in Electroneum directly, you may also buy ETN at an exchange such as Kucoin. However, you will first need to get bitcoin in order to buy ETN, and you may find a suitable exchange listed here based on your geographic location.

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