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Help George Campaign

We were emotionally moved by a recent video posted by one person who had fallen victim to the crypto giveaway scam on YouTube. His name is Jiri Vanek, also affectionately known as George.

This is his story:

Before reaching out to George, we did a quick search to find out a little background about him.

Who is George?

George hails from the Czech Republic and is a father of three lovely children. He is currently based in London as a building contractor and manages Bhakta Builders Ltd since 2007. Bhakta Builders serve in various boroughs around London and are a highly recommended contractor on Which? Trusted Traders. From what we gather, Bhakta Builders are known for their honest and practical approach, and provide excellent workmanship at great value.

More interesting to note, George and his fellow tradesmen are devotees (bhakta means devotee in Hindi) of Yoga in Daily Life, a system of practices which started in Europe in 1972 for the welfare of humankind and all living beings around the world.

End of last year, with the help of his colleagues, he focused his skills and efforts and led a team to volunteer with a charity construction work in Jadan, Rajasthan, India. Here is a Facebook video post from 31st January earlier this year.

Czech/English = Česky / AnglickyWe volunteered in India.So far our group did with help of Indian labourers 24 rooms…

Posted by George Jiri Vanek on Thursday, January 30, 2020

In his team, you will also find an 83-year-old man named Jan from Slovakia doing tiling work. All in all, an amazing team in positive spirit and energy from Europe lending a helping hand in South Asia.


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Reaching out to George

We contacted George via video call on 4th July 2020 to find out more about him and his case and to see how we could help him.

George got into cryptocurrency in 2017 and found out soon enough that trading crypto didn’t always produce favourable results. Nevertheless, he remains a big fan of bitcoin and blockchain technology.

On 20th April 2020, George was watching some videos on YouTube after putting his children to bed, when he came across a video of an interview with Twitter founder Jack Dorsey and a 5,000 BTC giveaway. Viewers of the video were invited to send any amount between 0.1 and 20 BTC and double the amount of BTC would be sent back to the originating address. This is a screenshot of the video:

jack dorsey btc giveaway scam
A screenshot of the actual Jack Dorsey 5000 BTC giveaway scam that began live streaming on YouTube on 19th April 2020. Parts of the image above have been blurred out for safety.

George had sent 1.88 BTC to the address shown in the video ad and realised soon enough that it was a scam when there wasn’t any follow through. He later discovered that this scam and other similar ones had been quite rampant on YouTube.

Feeling despondent, he went to his van and recorded the video (seen at the start of this article).

In verifying George’s story, we checked the scammer’s wallet address on, and traced George’s transaction of 1.88 BTC being diverted out by the scammer on the same day, as shown:

jack dorsey btc giveaway scam
The 1.88 BTC from George had been diverted out from the scammer’s wallet to another address. Parts of the image above have been blurred out for safety.


“Help George” Campaign

Like many around the world, George’s career had been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and he had fallen into financial difficulties. Understandably, he had hoped that the giveaway was genuine and could help him and his family out during this difficult period.

Having spoken to him over a video call, we found George to be the same loving man you see in the first video above and found his case to be genuine.

We decided to run a crypto donation drive to help George out of his predicament.

If you would like to help George, you may send a donation in BTC to the following address:

help george BTC address
To send BTC to George, scan the above QR code from your BTC wallet, or copy and paste the following BTC address in the To field: 1Cq4iNTCqiPirGHTBmo3bf14Q1meMVykn4
N.B. After scanning the QR code, verify that the scanned address matches the one shown above before sending payment.

The wallet address above belongs to George. All BTC sent to the address above goes to George directly. The organiser of this campaign ( receives no commission, fee or remuneration whatsoever.

If you want, you may state your name with (or without) the amount in the comment section below, or you may donate anonymously.

If you are not a bitcoin user, you may send a donation to George via PayPal at

Alternatively, you may also send George a donation at

Other Ways You Can Help George

If you have commercial and residential renovation work in London to be done, consider giving Bhakta Builders Ltd a call:

Company: Bhakta Builders Ltd
Address: 1 Spring Court, Church Road
London, Greater London
W7 3BX
Contact: 07729 167039

We hope this campaign to “Help George” will succeed. We plan to end this campaign once the amount collected in USD or GBP is equal or close to the amount lost. In a bid to remain transparent, all amounts sent to the BTC address above may be checked here.

Meanwhile, George would like to thank you in advance for any contribution and well wishes.

P/S: Please share this on your social media to help spread the awareness. Thank you.




George posted his third video a day after we published this article to thank a couple of YouTubers and our website for covering his story.

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