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4. – Stake and Earn


We have come to the exciting part of our mini-series, where we look at how anyone can use the App to stake and earn interest payments in cryptocurrencies over time.

Disclaimer: The following is a guide on how to use the App for Staking and Earn and not to be construed as financial advice.

Although staking and earning are very similar in the sense that they both allow the user to earn periodic rewards, they are fundamentally different. Before we begin, let’s get some definitions, terms and conditions out of the way first.

Staking vs Earn


Staking has been a keen topic in the last one year and is fast becoming a feature of many exchanges for a while now. Briefly, staking involves locking a certain amount of Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrency in a wallet to support the security and validate transactions on that blockchain network. Users or stakers are rewarded for committing the crypto in their wallet.


Another topic that has been getting a lot of attention these days is Decentralised Finance, or DeFi. DeFi Lending is a recent phenomenon in the cryptocurrency space that creates liquidity for loans to be made out to borrowers. Users provide their crypto to offer such lending, and interest payments from such loans are shared and distributed out to crypto users. These interest payments are made possible via Earn on the App.

Now that we understand the difference between Stake and Earn, let’s look at the inherent terms of Stake and Earn in the ecosystem.


Ledger hardware wallet


Stake, Lock Period and Interest Rates

Staking on the App is only possible with Coin, or CRO.


  • Lock Period: 180 days
  • Interest Rate: 16% per annum (at least 10,000 CRO staked)
    18% per annum (at least 100,000 CRO staked)
  • Payout: Weekly
  • Minimum Amount: 1,000 CRO

The amount of CRO staked also determines which tiered CRO VISA Card you will receive from The more CRO staked, the higher the tier of the debit card, the higher the cashback rewards and privileges, the higher the Earn interest rates (see Earn, Lock Period and Interest Rates below).

To view the card tiers and required CRO stake:

how to stake
A1. Go to Card in the menu bar.
CRO visa card
A2. Select a card at the top to view the features and benefits. Switch between with and without CRO Stake to see how the benefits change.


Earn, Lock Period and Interest Rates

EARN on App:

  • Lock Period: Flexible, 1 month, 3 months
  • Interest Rate: lower interest rates with 0 – 5,000 CRO staked
    higher interest rates with 10,000 or more CRO staked
  • Payout: Weekly
  • Minimum Amount: Varies according to crypto being locked

To check the list of cryptocurrencies that can be locked for Earn, go to:

how to earn crypto
B1. Go to the Main Menu and select Earn.
how to earn crypto
B2. Tap on the Question Mark icon at the top right.
how to earn crypto
B3. The various Earn interest rates are listed for the various cryptocurrencies. Switch the number of CRO staked and change the Term period to see how the percentages change.
how to earn crypto
B4. Scroll further down to see the minimum amount of crypto required for Earn.



Staking on App

Before you can begin staking, you will need some CRO. The amount of CRO you will need will depend on which card tier you are applying for. Refer to Part 3 on how to buy CRO on the App.

If you have used our referral code in Part 2, you may have free $50 worth of CRO locked in your account. To unlock this CRO, you will need to stake at least 1,000 CRO. This is another good reason for staking CRO on the app.

For the example below, we will stake 100,000 CRO to obtain the Icy White VISA card. Note that the following procedure applies for other tiered cards and other CRO stake amounts.

To begin staking CRO:

how to stake
C1. Go to Card in the menu bar.
how to stake
C2. Swipe and select one of the card tiers above. Note the privileges and click on the Upgrade button.
what is staking
C3. Click Continue.
what is staking
C4. Note the required CRO for staking and the staking or holding period. Click the button at the bottom to continue.
how to earn crypto
C5. If you have the required CRO amount in your CRO wallet, you will be able to proceed from here and stake 10,000 CRO to enjoy the benefits of the card and higher interest rates for Earn.
how to earn crypto
C6. Note the details and click on Confirm to proceed.
how to earn crypto
C7. You have successfully staked your CRO and a CRO Visa debit card (tier based on the amount of CRO staked) will be sent to you.


Earn on App

For staking CRO and supporting the CRO network, reward users with higher interest rates on their Earn platform. Refer to Step B3 above to see how the interest rates change between 1,000 or less CRO staked, and 10,000 or more CRO staked.

You can lock any of the listed crypto on Earn and earn an interest return paid in the same crypto. Interest payments are deposited in the wallet every 7 days.

We will use the example of placing 1,000 XRP on Earn for 3 months to earn 3.5% per annum.

To begin Earn:

how to earn crypto
D1. Go to the Main Menu and select Earn.
how to earn crypto
D2. Click on the + icon at the top right of the screen.
how to earn crypto
D3. Select the crypto to be placed for Earn. We will use XRP in this example.
how to earn crypto
D4. Check the APR rates for the different terms and select one. Click Continue to proceed.
how to earn crypto
D5. Read and tick each of the Crypto Earn Terms listed to acknowledge agreement. Click the link Crypto Earn & Credit T&Cs to read the detailed terms and conditions. Click Continue.
how to earn crypto
D6. Click on the Deposit button to continue.
how to earn crypto
D7. Check that the details are correct. Note the timer countdown in red at the top right of the screen. Click Confirm to proceed.
how to earn crypto
D8. We have just completed depositing 1,000 XRP to the Earn platform for 3 months to earn an APR of 3.5%.

True Passive Returns

Stake or Earn, both methods yield true passive returns for the App user. The cryptocurrencies received can be traded at their current market values upon weekly payout, or they can be retained to be sold at a higher future price.

To check the Earn payouts for the XRP placed in Earn above:

how to earn crypto
E1. Go to the Main Menu and select Earn.
how to earn crypto
E2. The Total Balance of all crypto placed in Earn and Total Earnings (All time) are shown at the top.
how to earn crypto
E3. Scroll down to XRP and click on the XRP panel.
how to earn crypto
E4. The Total Earnings for XRP and weekly payout transactions are shown. Interest rate of 5.5% p.a. is calculated daily and paid out weekly.
NOTE: The Earn APR interest was converted from 3.5% in D8 to 5.5% in E4 above after 10,000 CRO was staked on the App. Note that staking 10,000 or more CRO activates a higher APR rate on the Earn platform and takes effect from the date of staking even for cryptocurrencies that are already currently on Earn.

You can also view your crypto interest payouts in Main Menu > Wallet and then select the crypto.



One quickly sees that Stake and Earn is really a two-tier profit gain – accumulate additional quantities of crypto, and then gain capital appreciation on both principal and paid interest crypto on the day of cashing out either via the card or on the Exchange.

Crypto Dust Conversion

If you have used Binance, you may be familiar with the Convert to BNB feature. On the App, small amounts of crypto less than 0.003 BTC in value, aptly termed Crypto Dust, can be converted to the native CRO token for spending. If you use CRO on the Visa debit card, this is a useful feature.

We will convert ETH, BCH and BAT crypto dust to CRO in the following example.

To convert your Crypto Dust:

convert crypto dust
F1. Go to Account in the menu bar below and click on the Convert Crypto Dust icon at the top right of the screen.
convert crypto dust
F2. Click the Convert Now button to proceed. The number of crypto in small balances is indicated on the button.
how to convert small amount of crypto
F3. Select the crypto that you would like to convert to CRO. In this example, ETH, BCH and BAT are selected. Click on Review Conversion to proceed.
how to convert small amount of crypto
F4. Check the details and the amount of CRO to be received and click Convert to CRO to start the conversion process.
how to convert small amount of crypto
F5. The conversion is complete and the CRO is deposited into the CRO Wallet which can be accessed at Main Menu > Wallet > CRO.

In Part 5. – Quick Start, we wrap up everything we have discussed in the last 4 parts and outline what we did to capitalise on the App and Exchange for maximum profits and earnings.

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Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet